How to install Vinyl Letters

lettering installation

Ready To Apply Lettering Installation.


R-T-A refers to Ready To Apply, Installing graphics, and lettering is a Quick and Simple way to do it your self installation. We will send you the R-T-A that you will be able to apply to your door, car, boat, window or any flat surface involved in your signage project.


  • Once you receive your vinyl mask prepare the tools you are going to need: Vinyl Mask, Paper towel, soapy liquid and squeegee.
  • Prepare the surface by cleaning it until is free of dust, dirt, and other glue residuals.
  • Mark out your application surface with a pencil (grease pencil pref.) Makes sure is well centered.
  • Our mask is going to come at the exact measure you have given us when ordering.
  • Flip masked edge to down side and remove backing. If letters are sticking to the mask, you have did a good job squeegeeing. If letters are not adhering to the mask, turn back over and squeegee again.


  1. After removing the backing, carefully take masked vinyl and apply or spray soapy water to the sticky surface, and the receiving surface.
  2. Now apply the letters or graphic until they are centered and squeegee to to remove the water bellow.
  3. Now your graphic is ready.
  4. Instructional installations pictures coming soon.
  5. Clean the surface with a dry cloth. Draw a vertical center line and a horizontal guideline in the area where the letters will be placed.
    With the lettering face down, carefully peel the backing paper away from the transfer tape which holds the lettering.
  6. Place the taped letters on the prepared surface, using your guidelines to position them correctly. Lightly ”squeegee“ the lettering to force air bubbles from beneath them. Then ”squeegee“ more firmly to adhere the letters to the surface.
  7. Gently peel the transfer tape away, leaving the letters in place.