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Custom Car Magnets
For Vehicles & Trucks

Identify your private car, your Work Van or the whole fleet with heavy-duty Car Magnets.

custom car magnets

We use the Best materials

  • Durable 30mil Material
  • Won't Crack outdoor
  • Vinyl or Digital print
12" x 24"


18" x24"






Heavy Duty Magnetic Material

All our Magnetic Signs are made with premium USA made magnetic material to last longer on your car.

magnetic sign material

Blank Car Magnets

Blank Magnets are perfect when you have permanent lettering in you car, and you need to cover it overnight.

magnetic sign sheets

Custom Size Magnets

Standard 12" x 24", oversize 18"x24" , or custom cut size.

blank magnetic sign roll

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Magnetic Signs

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don't settle for less Order only High Quality Car Magnets

Our Car Magnets are laminated on USA made material, you can order them Printed or with Vinyl Lettering for extended life time.

Place your magnetic signs on the Back Door of your Store

Many companies have trouble helping dispatchers to find their address in the back of the building. A magnetic sign sticks easily to the back metal door helping your providers to save time finding you.

Car Magnets work well on Private or Commercial Vehicles

All you have to do is to verify that the standard size of our regular magnets 12" x 18" fits flat in the area where you plan to place them on, or ask Quick Signs to cut them to fit.

Your Car magnets will pay by them selfs

A well designed Magnetic sign is a budget friendly mobile marketing display. Show your logo, the slogan of your company, and a sticky message to generate free leads while you drive.

Quick Signs will design and Print your Car Magnets.

What can you expect from Quick Signs Car magnets?

Heavy-duty material, long lasting outdoor use, attractive design to identify your business on the road.

  • Won't Fly Away: Our magnetic signs are made with Heavy-Duty Magnum  Material which features the strongest magnetic sticking power among other materials in the market.
  • Won't Crack: These Magnetic Signs can be exposed and used semi-permanent with no fear to get them cracked due to South Florida outdoor weather.
  • Won't Fade: All our Signs are printed with Eco-solvent, Eco-friendly inks that are UV protected to last longer time exposed to the Sun.

Quick Signs is  always willing to help you to get them on the fly.

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Custom car Magnets
Printed in full color

Your business trade might be easily identified with an attractive picture or business graphic. 

printed magnetic signs

Your Car magnets can be Printed in full color!

A pair of printed door magnets will show the identity of your business in full color, you can add pictures and graphics to enhance their look and attract more customers.

Send us a picture of your business or product, Quick Signs will create a layout to turn it out into a door magnet that will turn heads while you drive.

Email us your picture if you are the face of your business, and our graphic designers will work on a professional sign design.

let's print your car magnets.

Order them with no color restrictions, add a high resolution picture and your business name.

  • Full Color print 
  • UV ink for outdoor exposure
  • 12" x 24" standard or 18" x 24" oversized.
  • Highly durable USA Made Magnum Magnetic Material
  • Free round corner cut, up on request.

Pick them up easy in our Broward location, or send us your UPS shipping label..


Greater fort Lauderdale Area

magnetic Signs
for Trucks & Vans

Identify your commercial vehicle, truck or the whole company fleet
 with the highest Quality Magnetic Signs.

magnetic signs for trucks

Vinyl Lettering Magnetic Signs For Road Warriors!

Some Commercial vehicle owners prefer to keep away from permanent Vinyl Lettering to preserve the original vehicle's paint.

Getting a close match of your vehicle's color for the background, and applying vinyl lettering on the magnetic material, will look very similar to a permanent door sign while giving you the benefit of removing it at any time.

If you want to proudly show the identity of your company while keeping your truck's surface free of adhesive footprints, the solution is a pair of High-Quality Vinyl lettering Magnetic Signs.

Avoid The Adhesive Footprint In Your Truck!

The closest option to a permanent Door Vinyl Sign, with portability features.

  • One or two colors.
  • Close match to your vehicle's background color
  • Long lasting vinyl letters laid on heavy duty magnetic material.
  • 12" x 24" Standard or oversized 18" x 24".
  • Round cut corners if required.

keep in mind that the background will be a close match, not an exact color.


Quick Signs Weston, Fort lauderdale, Davie..

Blank Magnetic Signs

We can taylor your blank magnetic signs, and cut them to fit any area of your vehicle you need to cover.

We'll cut your Blank magnets to fit your needs .

Give us rectangular measures of the spaces you need to cover.

  •  30 mil Premium magnetic material.
  •  24''Max width by any length.
  • Perfect to comply with HOA overnight parking rules
  • Ready to pickup the same day if you are in Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Sunrise, Plantation, or locations within Broward Country or near by

Keep them straight after removing them to make them last.

blank magnetic signs

Cover Permanent Lettering With Blank Magnetic Signs

there's times where you don't need to advertise, but to cover your vehicle's permanent vinyl signs, specially while parking your car overnight.

A great solution to comply HOA's rules is by covering your doors with Blank Car Magnets.

You can order your blank magnets Standard size ( 12" x 18" ), oversized ( 12"x24"), or a custom size to cover your vehicle permanent advertisement.

long lasting Car Magnets

How to keep your car magnets
 From flying off

Follow a few tips that will help you enjoy your Car Magnets for longer. 

how to make your car magnets last longer.

We have heard many stories about car magnets flying away on the road, so we hope this simple tips will help you to make them last.

Car Magnets are not Car Wash Resistant!

Car wash detergents and brushes will cause degradation of the printed layer of your magnets, reducing it's life span and fading their colors.

It is convenient to remove them as well to keep the car doors clean and free of stains.

Fix you Car Magnets very easy!

Make sure they are completely clean on the magnetic side. Stick them to a clean and flat metal surface, expose them to the sun. They will get back to their original flat shape after a few hours.

Prevent Magnets-from flying-offHow To Prevent Your Car Magnets To Fly Away?

  • Order the right size to fit your vehicle's door.

    Measure your door's space and make sure the standard size fits well. Avoid any excess.

  • Don't lay them on the side trims or irregular surfaces of your vehicle.

    If they are not fitted on a flat metal surface of your vehicle, the wind will catch them, and they will fly off on the highway.

  • Order your car magnets with rounded corners.

    Rounded corners are more aero-dynamic, and will help them to keep in place while facing wind friction.

  • Store them straight after removing them.

    If they were stored crooked or bent don't place them back on your car until you fix straighten them.

Quick Signs

More Door Magnets for Cars

A pair of Door Magnets nicely designed gives your small business a professional look. 

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Door Truck magnets

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Fort Lauderdale

Full Color Car Signs

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Custom Magnetic Signs

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